• Hamburg's city cycling campaign aiming for 2.5 million kilometres

    Every kilometre cycled in September to count - companies invited to apply now
  • Northeast Lower Saxony becoming model of cradle to cradle

    Regional development project promoting circular economy in building and agriculture involving TU Hamburg and Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • Finalists of Crystal Cabin Awards 2022 announced

    Emphasis on sustainability, passenger comfort and safety
  • Tests of autonomous underwater robots underway in port

    International researchers including Hamburg Fraunhofer CML testing diving robots to fight plastic waste
  • HHLA launches hydrogen innovation cluster

    Hydrogen to power heavy port technology through Clean Port & Logistics (CPL) cluster
  • Electrolysis plant from Schwerin taking market by storm

    HIAT seeks to double production in 2022
  • Hamburg's Villa Viva to become place of meetings and networking

    SERIES (3) Unusual hotels and innovative use concepts in Hamburg : Joint venture by Heimathafen Hotels and Viva con Agua
  • Environment-friendly heat for Hamburg's new suburb Oberbillwerder

    Plans foresee wastewater heat recovery, biomethane boiler and power-to-heat plant in district
  • Flotte Hamburg developing "zero emissions concept" with TUHH

    City-owned shipping company co-operating with TUHH researchers - inland waterway vessels to pioneer alternative propulsion systems
  • Hamburg Copenhagen Startup Forum banking on green technology

    Stakeholders in German-Danish start-up scene come together - emphasis on smart and environment-friendly technologies