• Hacking the feed - digital trends at OMR

    What's in and what's out? Hack the minds and hearts of a target group. Insights from Philipp Westermeyer, founder of OMR
  • Hamburg gearing up for OMR Festival

    Record visitor numbers may literally bring down the house, says Philipp Westermeyer
  • Hamburg's Corona Protective Shield remains in place

    Many aid schemes to continue - German government offers support for companies hit by Ukraine war
  • Hamburg Copenhagen Startup Forum banking on green technology

    Stakeholders in German-Danish start-up scene come together - emphasis on smart and environment-friendly technologies
  • Analysing stem cells with artificial intelligence

    SERIES (4) "Technologies of the future in medicine": Hamburg-based TRI's integrated solution relieves researchers
  • Hamburg's Evocal Health scoops "Start-up Award - Digital Innovations"

    Start-up's AI identifies diseases based on biomarkers
  • Hamburg-based Procuros raises USD 9 million in seed funding

    Start-up to put fresh capital towards automated, time-saving B2B processes
  • Hamburg's health care sector remains on growth course

    Government releases latest figures - share of healthcare sector steadily increasing
  • OMR and Emotion to raise visibility of female founders

    Katharina Fegebank takes over patronage of new pitch event - deadline for applications April 11
  • More venture capital for start-ups through Impact StartAperitivo

    New event increases funding opportunities for founders - tickets now available