Estonia's MeetFrank job portal focusing on work-life balance

New recruiting app rates location's attractiveness – profile of Hamburg now online
19 May 2021

Many young jobseekers now prioritise work-life balance and standard of living. For this reason, the MeetFrank job portal, launched in 2017 by the same-named Estonian startup, now rates the ecosystem or the environment in which a company is located. More than 450,000 professionals and 3,000 companies use the global recruiting platform, according to the founders. The portal links up applicants and employers and renders job seekers largely anonymous. The MeetFrank app began profiling Hamburg as a city of skilled workers in early May.



More transparent, equitable labour market

MeetFrank's "Location" feature links up places with talented, young jobseekers to reach both young people with higher qualifications and passive job seekers. MeetFrank also hopes to make the labour market more transparent for employees and offer applicants a "safe environment". Neither the current employer nor colleagues know that a person is looking for a new job. An anonymous job search also protects jobseekers from discrimination. Employers, on the other hand, have to be more transparent. All those who wish to announce job vacancies on MeetFrank must state the salary as well as the desired level of experience. 

Founders of the Estonian startup MeetFrank
© MeetFrank
Founders of MeetFrank

Hamburg and MeetFrank collaborate on city's profile 

The City of Hamburg has co-operated with MeetFrank to attract even more international jobseekers. Hopes are now high that Hamburg can outdo other European cities in terms of work-life balance and innovation. Meanwhile, the team behind MeetFrank are now eyeing Hamburg's job market and aim to make recruitment procedures more transparent and fairer. Hamburg Marketing GmbH, Hamburg Invest and MeetFrank began work on integrating the City of Hamburg on the job portal in late 2020. Hamburg was first profiled on the app on May 3, 2021. Companies such as Vinted/Kleiderkreisel, Bolt, Western Union and Nortal are already using the app to recruit talented jobseekers.