• Power of quantum computing huge thanks to simultaneous processing

    Technology to benefit all kinds of sectors including climate
  • Northeast Lower Saxony becoming model of cradle to cradle

    Regional development project promoting circular economy in building and agriculture involving TU Hamburg and Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • Tests of autonomous underwater robots underway in port

    International researchers including Hamburg Fraunhofer CML testing diving robots to fight plastic waste
  • Hamburg's quantum network off to successful start

    "QUIC" bringing together stakeholders in academia, industry and government to turn quantum computing research into applications - Hamburg News reports on kick-off
  • Four prizes for top research at University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf

    Germany's oldest medical prize awarded for research into autoimmune and heart diseases, COVID-19
  • Flotte Hamburg developing "zero emissions concept" with TUHH

    City-owned shipping company co-operating with TUHH researchers - inland waterway vessels to pioneer alternative propulsion systems
  • Boost for start-ups across Hamburg Metropolitan Region

    Wedel UAS developing micro degree in digital entrepreneurship and digital health check for start-ups
  • DESY opens centre for X-ray and Nano Science

    Cutting-edge research now possible in Science City building - three research institutions involved
  • University of Hamburg publishes map of 4.4 million galaxies

    International researchers and Hamburg Observatory collected data for seven years
  • EUR 4 million in funds for Evotec in Hamburg

    Biotech company to expand screening facilities - focus on research into COVID-19