• Hamburg presents city at "Hannover Messe"

    Spotlight on twelve key hydrogen projects across metropolitan region
  • Hamburg hosts first "National Hydrogen Business Forum"

    Two years on from National Hydrogen Strategy, politicians, associations, industry and science discuss market ramp-up
  • Environment-friendly heat for Hamburg's new suburb Oberbillwerder

    Plans foresee wastewater heat recovery, biomethane boiler and power-to-heat plant in district
  • Flexhafen project examines how to charge e-cars intelligently

    Growing demand for more economical and eco efficient energy systems
  • Moorburg power plant could produce large amounts of green hydrogen

    Conversion of decommissioned coal-fired power plant to hydrogen production by 2026 realistic, feasibility study indicates
  • Energy imports - Hamburg to become decarbonising hub

    Hydrogen co-operation between Germany and UAE - Hamburg aims to become national H2 import and distribution centre
  • LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel to go ahead

    "Memorandum of Understanding" signed - terminal to secure supply and reduce dependence on Russian natural gas
  • Cluster Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg announces new strategy

    "Cluster Strategy 2025" to include hydrogen - metropolitan region a model for energy transition
  • Hamburg presents hydrogen import strategy

    City aims to become to European green hydrogen hub by 2030
  • Hypion announces plans for hydrogen filling station in Lübeck

    Regional companies sign declaration of intent - project to save over 2,000 metric tons of CO2 annually from 2023