• Artificial intelligence as a self-learning marketing adviser

    Finland's Sellforte start-up and newcomer to Hamburg eyeing international market
  • Clearer labelling needed on ice cream packaging

    Hamburg calls for comparable data nationwide after study by consumer advice centre - emphasis on weight instead of volume
  • New Video Series: “Future Hamburg Talk“ meets Philipp Westermeyer

    Four-part series of video interviews about movers and shakers and visionaries. Part 1: Interview with Philipp Westermeyer, CEO of OMR
  • New operators of Hamburg's TV tower outline plans

    Heinrich Hertz Tower to become crowd-puller - founder of OMR festival joins new operators
  • "Grab their instincts," says Philipp Westermeyer, CEO of OMR

    “Companies should grab potential customers by their instincts and ideally their basic instincts,” according to Philipp Westermeyer, founder of the Online Marketing Rockstars festival, which ended Wednesday (May 8, 2019) in Hamburg. These marketing strategies are akin to the seven deadly sins...