• HHLA launches hydrogen innovation cluster

    Hydrogen to power heavy port technology through Clean Port & Logistics (CPL) cluster
  • Electrolysis plant from Schwerin taking market by storm

    HIAT seeks to double production in 2022
  • New Fab City Lab to open in downtown Hamburg

    Open labs for a circular local economy - Fab City Lab opens in Central Library
  • Energy imports - Hamburg to become decarbonising hub

    Hydrogen co-operation between Germany and UAE - Hamburg aims to become national H2 import and distribution centre
  • Cybus raises EUR 8 million in latest funding round

    Hanseatic firm to become smart factory and launch into Industry 4.0 - plans to double workforce by late 2022
  • LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel to go ahead

    "Memorandum of Understanding" signed - terminal to secure supply and reduce dependence on Russian natural gas
  • Hamburg and Bremen Chambers of Commerce issue position paper on ports

    More co-operation among north German ports welcomed
  • Beyond the hype: five lessons about blockchain technology

    Future scenarios and real use cases in industry and logistics
  • Future made in northern Germany - with green hydrogen

    North Germany produces highest amounts of renewable energy - know-how now going towards green hydrogen projects
  • IAP CAN holds huge opportunities

    Hamburg among leading nanoscience centres - basic research becoming practical