• Hamburg and Scotland seal strategic partnership on hydrogen

    Emphasis on climate protection, innovation and hydrogen supply chains
  • Hamburg presented at "Hydrogen Technology Expo"

    Bremen hosting fair and exhibition on hydrogen and fuel cell technology from October 20-21, 2021
  • Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein forge closer co-operation

    Keener focus on energy transition, transport and digitalisation - north German states to come up with joint solutions
  • Hamburg to highlight hydrogen sector at World Hydrogen Congress

    Global exhibition and forum underway from October 4-6, 2021 in Amsterdam
  • Gasnetz Hamburg earns a profit of over EUR 17 million

    Municipal company remains on success course despite pandemic - focus on climate protection and transforming energy system
  • EUR 55 million for eco-friendly steel made in Hamburg

    German government funds for ArcelorMittal’s hydrogen-based DRI plant pending EU Commission's approval
  • North Germany gets hydrogen centre for aviation and shipping

    North Germany to get centre for fuel cell and hydrogen technology - joint tender by Hamburg, Bremen and Stade triumphs
  • Future made in northern Germany - with green hydrogen

    North Germany produces highest amounts of renewable energy - know-how now going towards green hydrogen projects
  • ZAL expanding hydrogen infrastructrure for green flying

    ZAL intensifies research with new hydrogen tank
  • "Future Hamburg Talk” meets Marleen Marks

    Project manager outlines Hansewerk's hydrogen plans