• Renewable energies: crisis as historic opportunity for innovation

    The renewable energy sector has weathered the pandemic relatively well partly because of its system-relevant status. "People will always need energy," said Astrid Dose, Public Relations Officer and Marketing Manager with the Renewable Energies Hamburg Clusteragentur GmbH. Most member companies had...

  • Hamburg's resilient cultural and creative sector defying crisis

    Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft offers corona aid, rethinks urban district and appoints creative director
  • AI and augmented reality now preventing accidents

    hoλos using AI and augmented reality to project 3D objects onto windscreens
  • Digital “Hamburg on Tour“ hits Tel Aviv

    Digital roadshow yields new insight into hydrogen mobility - key future issues
  • Cross-cluster strategy benefiting healthcare sector

    SERIES: Hamburg News probes impact of pandemic on industries in Hamburg
  • Aviation facing new normality in wake of COVID-19

    NEW SERIES: Hamburg News highlights impact of pandemic
  • Ultraviolet light instrumental in battle against viruses and bacteria

    Light has been instrumental in the history of creation and may now be used to tackle viruses and bacteria effectively - especially the coronavirus. "But it's not just about SARS-CoV2," according to Daniel Ehlers, Managing Director of the Hamburg-based start-up Uventions. Founded in 2019, the company...

  • Transport going electric in future

    Peter Lindlahr, Managing Director of HySolutions, talks pros and cons of electric vehicles
  • Corona prompting a rethink in events industry?

    Cancelling events no option for Helen Schepers, Green Events Hamburg
  • Hamburger Hochbahn to install 200 self-service points by mid 2021

    Launch on U3 - mobile phone and credit card payments possible with latest generation of vending machines