• Latest industrial report indicates drop in CO2 emissions

    Hamburg on course for climate protection, digitalisation and removal of investment barriers
  • Six games made in Hamburg get EUR 398,000 in prototype funding

    Gamecity Hamburg announces recipients - from strategy and adventure to musicals
  • Hamburg joins OGP Local network

    Global initiative seeks more transparent politics and administration - Hamburg calls for free access to digital information
  • NWX 22 to celebrate corporate culture in Elbphilharmonie

    Does everything boil down to corporate culture? Tickets for NWX Festival on June 20, 2022 go on sale
  • Digitalisation - a curse or blessing for corporate culture

    Data now great commodity, but of little use without skilled workforce - lessons from Idea Lab 2022 at New Work SE
  • Hacking the feed - digital trends at OMR

    What's in and what's out? Hack the minds and hearts of a target group. Insights from Philipp Westermeyer, founder of OMR
  • Finalists of Crystal Cabin Awards 2022 announced

    Emphasis on sustainability, passenger comfort and safety
  • Hochbahn and ZF Friedrichshafen to boost driverless public transport

    Driverless transport systems to slowly merge with local transport in Hamburg
  • Hamburg gearing up for OMR Festival

    Record visitor numbers may literally bring down the house, says Philipp Westermeyer
  • Analysing stem cells with artificial intelligence

    SERIES (4) "Technologies of the future in medicine": Hamburg-based TRI's integrated solution relieves researchers