• Hamburg's Evocal Health scoops "Start-up Award - Digital Innovations"

    Start-up's AI identifies diseases based on biomarkers
  • EUR 1.8 million in funds for research into 3D avatars in telemedicine

    German government funds AI and mixed reality project managed by University of Hamburg
  • Drones securing airspace thanks to Falke project

    Mix of drone technology and AI can intercept illegal, unmanned aerial systems
  • EU funding 3D printing of medicine and implants at UKE

    Scientists test 3D printing and AI
  • Hamburg's Good Bytz raises EUR 2.5 million in seed funding round

    Start-up aims to revolutionize kitchens with robots
  • UKE Project: Recognising complications early using AI

    Intensive care patients with brain disease: How an AI prognosis program is able to identify critical phases ahead of time
  • Showroom for artificial intelligence opens in Hamburg

    ARIC Artificial Intelligence Showroom AI comes to life under theme of "inspire, learn, collaborate and create"
  • Five groundbreaking technology trends in 2022

    Focus on metaverse, mental health and enterprise AI
  • Four trends predicted in media and digital industry this year

    Glimpse of key technologies, innovations and developments in content industry
  • EU grants Hamburg's Indivumed EUR 4.3 million in funds

    Indivumed's cancer therapy project uses AI to accelerate development of medicines