"U3-Fiete" - world's most frequently used bicycle

Upcycled bike made by from DT3 carriages - thanks to Till Kiefer and Hamburger Hochbahn AG
13 December 2019
Fahr ein schöneres Hamburg

An upcycled bicycle called the U3-Fiete was presented Thursday (December 5, 2019) to reporters in the Schlump underground station. The bike is part of efforts by the Cycling for a More Beautiful Hamburg campaign to make cycling more attractive, the Vision of a Bicycle-Friendlier City a reality and to rekindle tales of Hamburg and its characters. Built by Till Kiefer, a metal producer, in co-operation with Hochbahn, the U3-Fiete comes after the first bicycle called the Tattoo-Fiete kicked-off the urban bicycle campaign in May. The U3 underground line with its distinctive DT3 carriages runs above ground – past many of the Hamburg’s landmarks and is a part and parcel of the cityscape.

Secure parking facilities

“I am a passionate cyclist and take buses and trains regularly. The U3-Fiete sums it up. You need a well-developed public transport system and high-quality cycle paths at the same time, as well as enough parking facilities for bicycles to travel quickly, comfortably and climate-friendly in Hamburg,” said Kirsten Pfaue, Cycling Co-Ordinator. Easily accessible and safe parking facilities are to be created and StadtRÄDER provided at every station by 2025.

From old to new

Kiefer was assigned the job of reviving the DT3s and putting them to new use in the shape of the U3-Fiete. To do so, he removed parts from a DT3 carriage that had been taken out of service and used them in the U3-Fiete: “I used the seat cushion cover for the saddle, the emergency brake lever as handlebar brake handle, the waste bin as handlebar bag and the holding bars for the bicycle frame. The bike features many other parts of the DT3. Building the U3-Fiete was one of my most exciting projects,” said Kiefer, whose garage is in Altona. On the road for more than 50 years, the DT3 has transported every resident of Hamburger making it the most-frequently used bike in the world now that it has been transformed into the U3-Fiete.

Fahr ein schöneres Hamburg
© Fahr ein schöneres Hamburg