Winsen gives go-ahead for Amazon's logistics centre

1,500 new jobs could be created in city south of Elbe River
29 August 2016
Amazon's logistics centre

Amazon is to open its first logistics centre in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region after the municipal administration of Winsen (Luhe), Lower Saxony, agreed to the required deviations from a development plan for an industrial estate in the suburb of Luhdorf, according to a press statement issued Thursday (August 25th). Amazon would create 1,500 new jobs including 150 administration positions and 50 in the engineering sector, if the company settles there, the city said. However, Amazon has not confirmed the move to Hamburg News.

“Gain for industrial and economic location”

However, André Wiese, mayor of Winsen, sees the deal as concluded. Commenting last Friday on the move, he noted: “The settlement of the online retailer is a gain for the industrial and economic location of Winsen. And the focus is not only on the extraordinary high number of new jobs. If a company of this calibre settles in a community, that has regular positive effects on the size of the population, the tax clout, other services providers’ orders and craftspeople and the location’s image.”

Amazon has yet to confirm the move. Asked by Hamburg News, a spokesman for Amazon, Stephan Eichenseher, said: “The company is presently examining several locations which may be suitable for expanding our network. The decision depends on many different factors.”

70,000 square metre industrial estate

Should Amazon move to Winsen, the company would use the logistics centre near the A39 motorway. Talks had centred on other locations in recent months including Hanover and an industrial estate near Bremen. Last November, the company expressed interest in a 2,500 square metre site in the Berliner-Tor centre in the Hamburg district of St. Georg. The property developer, IDI Gazellen, would provide a 70,000-square metre site in Winsen.

The city of Winsen expects Amazon to start operations there in September 2017 when the second building phase of a new hall has been completed. An additional 400 parking spaces are to be created on a 4,500 square metre site. Around 350 trucks would be handled at the site every day.

The Winsen (Luhe) logistics site boasts many different traffic connections. The city has a population of 35,000 and five industrial estates, which are quickly reached from the A39. The Maschener Kreuz/Horster Dreieck, one of Germany’s biggest traffic hubs, is just a few kilometres from there. Rail-bound traffic can link up with the Hanover-Hamburg railway connection and the Osthannoverschen Eisenbahn AG’s railway network. Water links across the Elbe River and via the Ilmenaukanal are also available. The industrial estate in Luhdorf, which Amazon is allegedly eyeing, is over 47.3 hectares in size. Property sites of 1,200 to 80,000 square metres may be created there. More information can be found on