Visit to Health AI Hub

Hamburg News is introducing young entrepreneurs through its events series "Hamburg meets...". Part 2: Hamburg's first medical AI network
19 September 2019
AI Hub - VR Brille Hamburg trifft

The initiators of the first Hamburg-based company network for artificial intelligence (AI) in the health sector were aiming high. They have already made a statement with their location on the 14th floor. The panoramic windows of the Astraturm in Hamburg’s St Pauli district look out over a breath-taking view of the metropolis on the Elbe and its port. Participants in the second edition on September 19 of the business event “Hamburg meets…” that took place in the recently opened Health AI Hub (HAIH) were able to enjoy it. Close contact by microscope and VR demo.

In this series of events, Hamburg News is shining a light behind the scenes on exciting startups in the metropolitan region in loose sequence. The events are being held in cooperation with Xing Group Hamburg.

Hamburg ecosystem for deep tech in the healthcare sector

How much potential for medical progress is there in the use of artificial intelligence (AI)? Can health care be revolutionized by means of AI? What are the challenges? These were the issues under discussion at this evening event in the Health AI Hub. The network was launched by four founding partners – Mindpeak, Psiori, Dpv analytics and Fuse-AI. Their joint aim is to establish a Hamburg ecosystem for deep tech in the healthcare sector.

Cancer cells close up

Felix Faber, network spokesman and co-founder of the startup Mindpeak, opened the event with an explanation of his work: Using Deep Learning, his team of eight is developing a tool for medical specialists that will make for more rapid and less expensive cancer diagnosis. Even non-specialists could see how complex diagnosing cancer is with a brief look through a microscope. Then Dr Sascha Lange, chief executive and partner in Psiori, presented his mission: This Data Science Consultancy sees itself as an interface between AI and ready-to-use business apps, in the medical context in particular. Sascha demonstrated this by means of a VR demo that allowed a cancer cell model to be viewed at close range.

AI-supported medical image recognition as app

Matthias Steffen, chief executive and partner in Fuse-AI, took up the last third of the evening with a demonstration of his business model live using a smartphone. This startup uses Deep Learning to develop AI-supported image recognition of skin ailments. The software was able to recognize a melanoma without fail. Speaking against the backdrop of Hamburg’s distinctive skyline, he said: “It’s important to understand that the theme of artificial intelligence will take us forward.” For this reason, Health AI Hub has taken on the task, alongside research and development, to raise awareness of this theme and to break down fears about it. The third edition of “Hamburg meets…” is being planned. This much can be revealed: Things will again be clear!