Successful year for Hamburg News portal

German Brand Award for business news portal - increased coverage in 2020
15 June 2021
HH News

The news portal "Hamburg News" increased its coverage in 2020 and scooped the German Brand Award. Hamburg News received a "Special Mention" in the category Excellent Brands - Non-Governmental Organizations & Public Affairs for its top-quality brand communication based on an innovative concept.

Focus on Hamburg's forward-looking issues

"We have created a digital, bilingual business portal in Hamburg News that for the past eight years has shone the spotlight on the breadth of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region with its specific forward-looking topics, tracked technology trends and networked companies," said Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, Chairman of the Board of Hamburg Marketing GmbH and Managing Director of Hamburg Invest, Hamburg's business development agency. "In this way, we have made the economic attractiveness and dynamics of the location transparent at home and abroad - an important prerequisite in the competition for companies and skilled workers."

Hamburg News - increased coverage in 2020

The latest German Brand Award for the relaunch of Hamburg News in co-operation with the Hamburg-based agency aberratio has affirmed the quality and innovative strength of the news portal. An editorial team on the bilingual business news portal has reported daily on the latest business topics in the metropolitan region in both German and English since 2014. The year 2020 proved the strongest ever for Hamburg News. Despite the pandemic-induced crisis and two relaunches, the coverage in 2019 was exceeded by 15 per cent thanks to a particularly strong social media performance. The platform's total coverage consisting of website, newsletter, news feeds on partner websites and especially social media rose from 11.1 million to 12.6 million users. A 21 per cent share of foreign visitors make Hamburg News the most international urban platform and 48 per cent female readers mean a peak value for the business portal.


German Brand Award

The German Brand Award is presented by the German Brand Institute Foundation for outstanding brand management. The objective is to strengthen the importance of a brand as a key success factor for companies in a national and international competitive environment.