New business event in Hamburg goes behind scenes

Hamburg News presents young entrepreneurs as "Hamburg meets ..." launches in VRHQ
23 August 2019
Erste Ausgabe der Event-Reihe ‚Hamburg trifft ...'

Hamburg gained yet another event Wednesday (August 21, 2019) with the start of the new “‘Hamburg meets …’” event series at the Virtual Reality Headquarters (VRHQ). Hamburg News is now going behind the scenes of exciting start-ups across the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The first event focused on virtual worlds created and developed by Noys VR, Spice VR, Spherie and VR Nerds. Visitors were encouraged to take part in the hands-on event and to try things out. Hamburg News will host the second event in the series “Hamburg meets …” at the new Health AI Hub in St. Pauli on September 18, 2019 in co-operation with the Xing Group for Hamburg and the Metropolitan Region.

Stage for young entrepreneurs’ business models

What makes Virtual Reality (VR) so appealing, where is VR being used and which areas of our lives can reap the most rewards from virtual experiences? These and other questions topped Wednesday’s agenda. The presenter, Dominik Böcker of Hamburg News, gave an entertaining introduction and then handed over to Nicolas Chibac, one of the four initiators of VRHQ and founder of Spice VR, for a forward-looking keynote. Chibac predicted: “In ten to 15 years we will no longer be able to distinguish between virtual and real worlds.” Today, many people are already spending eight to ten hours in front of the computer. The experience will be more immersive in future.

Next stop – Health AI Hub

Chibac gave an overview of five VR points including a 360-degree flight over diverse landscapes (Spherie UG) and interactive, virtual concerts (Noys VR UG), an edutainment experience of the macrocosm and microcosm (Spice VR and DESY), a high-tech laser day (VR Nerds GmbH), a virtual tour of Medibus, which is essentially a doctor’s mobile surgery, and giving onlookers plenty to talk about. The VHRQ is located in the creative store M28, whose main tenant is the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. The public can learn more about the VR cosmos on the ground floor while an innovation lab and a production hall can be found on other floors.