Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg opens "Yullbe Wunderland"

High-tech attraction features latest virtual reality
01 April 2022
Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland and the Europapark Rust opened the "Yullbe Wunderland" ("You will be") on Friday (April 1, 2022) in Hamburg's Speicherstadt at a cost of EUR 2 million. This latest urban attraction allows visitors to shrink themselves virtually with VR headsets and discover the Miniatur Wunderland from the perspective of model construction figures.

Full body tracking and free roaming

The latest generation of VR equipment and more than 150 tracking cameras allow visitors to roam free through the "Yullbe Wunderland", interact with friends and feel objects immersively, said Frederik Braun, joint founder of Miniatur Wunderland. Depending on the type of game, trackers on a person's hands and feet  transmit every movement to the virtual world i.e., full body tracking. "The boundaries between space and time become blurred. It's spectacular how you can trick your senses and get the feeling of infinite space," he stressed.  "Virtual reality is already a magical term for some. For many, however, it is still something far removed or even alienating." Hopes are now high that Hamburg's latest attraction can make virtual reality socially acceptable.


Yullbe Wunderland
© Miniatur Wunderland GmbH
"Yullbe Wunderland“

Two VR options

An 80-square-metre room and a 250-square-metre VR showroom were created opposite the Miniatur Wunderland's main building during the pandemic. To this end, Miniatur Wunderland worked closely with Europapark Rust, which has used the technology for some time. Visitors to "Yullbe Wunderland" can opt for two different VR tours depending on the room. The single-player experience unfolds in the smaller room and lasts 10 minutes. The Pro version includes a 30-minute multiplayer experience for up to six people.