Mayor appoints four new HamburgAmbassadors

Honorary ambassadors represent Hamburg across globe
22 June 2021

Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Hamburg, appointed four new HamburgAmbassadors to São Paulo, Rotterdam, Istanbul and Toulouse respectively during a digital meeting in May. Thirty-five voluntary HamburgAmbassadors promote the interests of the Hanseatic City in 30 nations worldwide. The HamburgAmbassadors function as pillars of support, networkers and initiators for the political sphere, business, science and culture and aim to raise Hamburg’s international standing and image. 

New appointees

Jos Steeman, the new HamburgAmbassador to Rotterdam, spent 25 years working at various companies in the Shell Group, and works for the Royal Vopak NV in his native land. Istanbul is the latest member city of the network. Selim Ataş, a tourism expert with Öger Türk Tur GmbH and the FTI Group, will work on behalf of Hamburg's best interests there. Jean-Marc Dessapt, an engineer and business promoter, takes office as HamburgAmbassador in the Occitania region near Toulouse. Meanwhile, the Hamburg-native Julian Thomas and managing director of shipping companies including Hamburg Süd and the Maersk Group in South America, will soon take up office as HamburgAmbassador in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ambassador scheme

The new HamburgAmbassadors were appointed after nine others retired due to a change of residence or on their return to Germany. The Hamburg Ambassador scheme, the structure of which is unique in Germany, was initiated by the Senate Chancellery, the  Chamber of Commerce Hamburg and institutions involved in Hamburg Marketing. It is co-ordinated by Hamburg Marketing GmbH.