Hamburg's Green Kayak launches latest paddling season

Green Kayaks' boat rentals now in third year
11 June 2021
Green Kayak

Paddle boats are now available free of charge from six Hamburg-based rental companies provided the crew remove rubbish from waters during the trip. Launched in 2019, more than six tons of rubbish have been collected from waterways in Hamburg and in 2020, boaters in Hamburg averaged of 4.2 kilogrammes per trip. This year, the environmental NGO will have eight boats at its disposal instead of six.

Amount of rubbish is registered

A record number of boaters took to the Lake Alster and canals last year to help clean up the environment, according to Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment. "It's great that the water lying city of Hamburg offers this opportunity for leisure and water sports in the middle of the city," he added. However, it is up to all residents of Hamburg to protec the waterways. "Rubbish does not belong in the water. Nowadays, we have to be considerate of each other and nature." No prior experience is need to collect litter with the Green Kayaks. Two life jackets, a bucket, two rubbish tongs, a map and a flyer with tips on areas to avoid in order to protect birds or sensitive plants are all on board. The amount of litter collected is weighed and registered after the boating trip.

Bookings now possible

The Danish initiative Green Kayak launched the boats in Hamburg backed by the Ministry for the Environment. After Copenhagen and Aarhus, Hamburg was the first European city to go litter hunting. The cities of Berlin, Dublin, Stockholm, Bergen and three other Danish and Swedish cities each have followed in the meantime. Bookings for this year's season can now be done online.