Hamburg joins OGP Local network

Global initiative seeks more transparent politics and administration - Hamburg calls for free access to digital information
24 May 2022
City Hall Hamburg

Hamburg is joining the Open Government Partnership (OGP Local), a press release said Tuesday (May 17, 2022). The city is among 30 local governments joining the international partnership that brings together government and civil society organizations to create ambitious reforms to open up governments and respond better to citizens’ needs. The move is part of Hamburg's push for more data-driven governance and data-based citizen participation. The network already includes cities like Los Angeles, Seoul and Paris.  

Hamburg commits to freely accessible digital information

"Participation and transparency make for a strong democracy. By participating in OGP Local, we are continuing on our path and are sharing our experience in an international context and benefiting from talks with others," said Christian Pfromm, Hamburg's Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The aim is to establish "Public Data Responsibility" within the network during the present legislative period in co-operation with the Hamburg-based Körber Foundation. The Hamburg Transparency Act, which was passed in 2012, serves as a practical example. Sven Tetzlaff, Head of Democracy, Engagement, and Cohesion at the Körber Foundation, stressed: "All those who wish to shape a new kind of transport, climate-robust cities or social cities of the future need easily accessible digital information."

The Open Government Partnership initiative is a global alliance of around 150 countries and some 3,000 civil society organizations that strive to make administrative and government action more accessible and transparent. The resulting local network, OGP Local, is aimed at local government and is also accessible to cities.