Hamburg hosting hybrid celebrations of its UNESCO World Heritage

Events in Speicherstadt and online offers - focus on World Heritage Site Speicherstadt, Kontorhaus district and mud flats
04 June 2021

The City of Hamburg is celebrating its UNESCO World Heritage Sites Speicherstadt, the Kontorhaus District, Chilehaus and the Wadden Sea Biosphere Reserve to mark German World Heritage Day on June 6. The hybrid festival will be held under the theme "Solidarity and Dialogue" with St. Catharine’s Church as the main venue. Events include concerts and guided tours all of which will be supplemented by live streams online and information on the history of Hamburg and its World Heritage sites.

All kinds of events on World Heritage Day

"World Heritage Day is a great opportunity to rediscover our world heritage, to talk to each other and raise awareness of Hamburg's past," said Dr Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media. "The architectural and urban historical significance of Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus District and the Chilehaus will come alive through the diverse festive events." An organ concert will be held in St. Catherine’s and the singer Irmelin Sloman, great-granddaughter of Chilehaus builder Henry Brarens Sloman, will perform as well. A service accompanied by jazz music and entitled "Are we still getting our act together? Of whale songs, ocean sounds and other time announcements" will be held in the main church. Events included guided tours and alternative means of discovering Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus district. 

Offers on site and online

The on-site programme will be supplemented by live streams on the World Heritage website with emphasis on the Waddee Sea World Heritage Site and Neuwerk island. "We are fortunate to have such exceptional nature in the Hamburg region," said Jens Karstan, Senator for the Environment. "The bird density at the mouth of the Elbe is enormous, geese roost on Neuwerk, eider ducks breed on Scharhörn and grey seals are returning." An overview of the festival and an opportunity to register are available online. Hamburg's Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus District with Chilehaus have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2015. Several of the 46 World Heritage sites across Germany are participating in German World Heritage Day.