Hamburg Business Authority launches Podcast Series

Podcast #madeinhamburg is intended to provide information on current business issues, along with the authority’s tasks and projects
24 February 2022
Luftaufnahme Hamburg

The Hamburg Business Authority aims to provide information on topical business issues in the city by means of a new podcast series. The #madeinhamburg podcast is to be broadcast every three weeks to provide the residents of Hamburg with insight into the authority's duties and projects. The audio format has been available on Spotify since 18 February – other platforms will follow.

Logo Podcast Madeinhamburg

Business Authority focus on themes for the future

Current and future innovation themes relevant to Hamburg will be at the centre of the podcast, the Business Authority says. Among the themes are the Cluster Policy, the Port Development Plan, carbon neutrality for industry and Hamburg’s startup landscape. Players in Hamburg’s business community, Cluster chief executives and senior personnel at the Business Authority will be guesting on the podcast.

Initial podcast episodes now available

The first two podcast episodes have been available for viewing on Spotify since 18 February. In the initial episode, Hamburg Economy Senator Michael Westhagemann speaks about the challenges facing Hamburg business in the future. Andreas Richter, departmental head for Innovation, Industry and Cluster, explains the Cluster Policy concept in the second episode. Forthcoming episodes will see Hinrich Habeck of the Life Science Cluster, Jan Solle and Jessica Wegener of the Maritime Cluster, Jan Rispens from the Renewable Energy Cluster and Nina Klaß of Next.Media Hamburg answering questions.