Film commission presents film shoot locations in north

Video clips highlight northern diversity in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein to boost creativity
28 January 2021

The Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein is presenting film shoot locations in Hamburg and Germany’s most northerly state as part of the #nichtabgedreht campaign launched in late 2020. Short video clips reveal many hideaways that are just waiting to be discovered on screen. The film funding now hopes to bring the locations to filmmakers' homes despite the coronavirus. Its campaign features clips of HafenCity, Speicherstadt, Hamburg-Jenfeld and the Bay of Lübeck. 



Cutting-edge architecture in HafenCity contrasts nicely with historic brick buildings in the adjacent Speicherstadt and both districts delight filmmakers, says Alexandra Luetkens, Film Commissioner, who presents the locations in the short clip.

"HafenCity has visual depths that cannot be found anywhere else," she noted. Many undiscovered places near the Elbphilharmonie are just waiting to be captured on film by the international scene. The brick architecture in the Speicherstadt has already served as a backdrop for films set in London or historic New York.

The location spots in Jenfeld presented by Christiane Dopp,  Film Commissioner, contrast with the Speicherstadt and HafenCity districts. Jenfeld is typical of urban landscapes dotted with skyscrapers and concrete walls. A rough but flourishing environment with a huge diversity of pulsating cultures, thrives in the middle of 1960s and 1970s architecture in a verdant environment. The spot is brimful of untold, never-ending stories. 

Dopp would like to see more of this social diversity on screen, and remarked: "I would be pleased to see movies that reflect diversity thought anew rather than simply reinforcing clichés." The 2017 movie, "Es war einmal Indianerland ("Once Upon a Time, Indian Land") by German director İlker Çatak, is an accomplished cinematic depiction of contrasts in the district, she noted. 

An abundance of filming opportunities in the Bay of Lübeck wins over filmmakers time and again. "We have an incredible maritime diversity here," said Anna-Katharina Doig, Film Commissioner. Apart from ideal spots for surfing and sailing shots surrounded by picturesque fishing villages, the region can make for exciting film productions, especially with its people and characters.

"Cod is already being sold from boats when you stroll along here at 7 am. There is something wildly romantic about it. Everything is a bit gentler here on the Baltic Sea," said Doig. The hinterland's contrasting fields and sea makes for a special film backdrop. 

The Film Commission plans to publish another four or five short clips of film locations in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein this year as part of its ongoing campaign.

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

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