Elbe Tourism: EU to fund digital info programme on industrial culture

Hamburg metropolitan region aims to expand its media programme on industrial culture along the Elbe. Monuments are often still hidden from visitors
28 February 2022
Dömitzer Eisenbahnbrücke

The Hamburg metropolitan region is to receive additional EU funding to expand its digital tourism programme on industrial culture along the Elbe. The main aim of the subsidy to the amount of 43,000 euros is to enhance the visibility and accessibility of regional industrial culture for tourism and to establish this as a destination for excursions over the long term. To date, monuments have often remained concealed from visitors outside the “Days of Industrial Culture on the Waterfront” festival that is held every two years, even though they have great touristic value on account of their proximity to nature. 

Hamburg metropolitan region developing digital programme on industrial culture along the Elbe

Using this funding, the Hamburg metropolitan region aims to trial how an additional digital and multimedia programme might look over and beyond the industrial culture festival. These “treasures of industrial culture” have to date usually been promoted in more classical fashion. A concept is currently being developed that will make industrial culture more accessible to visitors in digital form with existing audio and film material. The purely digital Water Museum of Venice is to serve as example with its audio sequences and videos telling the story of cultural and technical heritage along the Venetian waterways. 

The EU funding for the Hamburg plan will take place in the context of the European river tourism project Star Cities, which aims to create attractive options for tourists away from the touristic centres. Apart from the Hamburg metropolitan region, urban regions around Rome and Paris are also participating in the project.