TU Hamburg making more space available for students

University opens new "Centre for Studies and Doctoral Studies" (ZSP)
29 November 2021
Opening of ZSP

The Technical University of Hamburg (TU Hamburg) opened Thursday (November 25, 2021) a new "Centre for Studies and Doctoral Studies" (ZSP) on the campus in Hamburg-Harburg. The new building provides work facilities on three floors for student groups, junior professorships, the Graduate Academy and the TU Excellence College. The building is in response to the increased demand for teaching space and study rooms.

New space for next generation

The ZSP gives the university "urgently needed space," said Prof. Andreas Timm-Giel, President of TU during the opening ceremony. Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science and Research, noted: "Science needs space to grow and develop. We can now finally offer this to students, junior professorships and a wide variety of working groups." The construction of the new building had been commissioned by the Ministry of Science, Research, Equality and Districts (BWFGB) at a cost of some EUR 7.8 million.

Building "highly important" for students

Apart from more workspaces, the new building also includes a café for students and university staff. Theresia Hachmöller, AStA Chairperson of the TU Hamburg and representative of the students, said: "This building is highly important for us as it offers new student rooms for individual study." The student body hopes for more developments in terms of space at the TU Hamburg, she added.