Tech playground for key technologies

Artifical Intelligence, Robotics, VR – Microsoft and Square Innovation Hub make disruptive technologies experience-ready in Hamburg
10 September 2020

Microsoft Deutschland und Square Innovation Hub together aim to drive forward the entrenching and further development of artificial intelligence in research, teaching and society. The establishment of a Tech Playground in Hamburg to allow students and business to experience the most important disruptive technologies is at the focus.

Tech Playground for Research and Teaching

A Technology Centre that passes on relevant skills in the eight key disruptive technologies – AI, the internet of things (IOT), drones, cloud, virtual & augmented reality (VR/AR), blockchain, robotics and 3D printing – is currently being set up with the backing of Microsoft at Square’s new location in the coworking space “Hamburger Ding“ in St. Pauli. Training courses and certification for AI themes will also be offered to internal and external participants. The Tech Playground is intended in the first instance for use in the context of research and teaching, and will be available to Square Innovation Hub’s ecosystem, with its links to the academic world and its broad network in business.

Theory and Praxis 

“In collaboration with Square, we will be able to drive forward and make accessible significant innovations in the interplay between research and teaching, as well as the close links to Hamburg’s business sector in the areas of artificial intelligence and digitalization,” Alexander Britz, head of “Digital Business Transformation & Artificial Intelligence” at Microsoft Deutschland, says. Disruptive technologies in the new Tech Playground can now be experienced in a concrete way by students, teachers and partner companies, and theory and praxis can by this means be joined up, in the view of Square CEO Dr Uve Samuels.

The agreement takes in various joint events, such as boot camps, tech nights, open-door days and meet-ups centred on the theme of AI for students and other interested parties. The cooperation agreement has been designed initially to cover four years.

About Square

Square was set up in 2019 by the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) with the aim of supporting Hamburg business through the digital transformation. Square utilises the experience derived from more than 60 launches of startups by HSBA Alumni and more than 100 transformation projects. It links the innovative capacities of business with those of the academic world to develop new business models.