First e-taxi rank launches in Hamburg

More funds for electric-drive taxis as part of "Future Taxi" project
10 November 2021

Hamburg's first taxi rank for e-taxis launched in early November at the Alsterdorfer Markt after the Ministry for Transport opened a double fast-charging station for electric-drive taxis halfway between the airport and the city centre. The taxi rank is funded as part of "Future Taxi" project launched in April to boost the conversion to electric-drives.

More e-taxi ranks to follow

Taxis are charged to 80 per cent battery power in half an hour. "Hamburg's first e-taxi rank is a really good sign for transitioning drive technology and and a very practical aid for drivers, who have already made the switch," said Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport. Clearly, such e-taxi offers must be available in even more parts of the city. "We are working on this with our partners."

Successful "Future Taxi" project

The first e-taxi rank marks a success for the Future Taxi project, Tjarks added. Around 130 e-taxis and 20 barrier-free inclusion taxis have been financed with private and public partners since April. Another 200 e-taxis are to follow in the second funding round, which started in October. Almost 60 electric taxis already take to roads across Hamburg - more than ten times as many than at the start of the project. The goal is to reach the 100 mark by late 2021.