• Flotte Hamburg developing "zero emissions concept" with TUHH

    City-owned shipping company co-operating with TUHH researchers - inland waterway vessels to pioneer alternative propulsion systems
  • HHLA's Metrans going green

    Company generating 60 per cent fewer CO2 emissions by rail - now aiming for climate neutrality
  • #moinzukunft-Klimafonds enters next round - apply now

    Hamburg Climate Fund provides EUR 30,000 for projects by non-profit institutions, associations and initiative
  • Growing demand for sustainable business concepts

    Hamburg's founders and entrepreneurs pursuing zero-waste approaches and compostable products
  • Plan3t app offering planet coins as bonus for more climate-protection

    Three Hamburg-based founders seek to slash individual carbon footprint
  • EUR 2.42 million for Traceless from European Innovation Council

    Founders and winners of Future Hamburg Award 2021 receive grant for compostable plastic substitute - fund to go towards demonstration plant
  • Traceless start-up using biomass to substitute plastic

    Foil and food packaging going towards biodegradable product- pilot project with Otto
  • Hamburg coming up with solutions to menace of plastic

    Bracelets made out of ghost nets - start-ups developing new approaches to plastic recycling as well as sustainable alternatives
  • Holy Shit developing biodegradable masks

    Founders take cradle-to-cradle approach to stop coronavirus-induced pollution
  • Climate rescuers' bright ideas needed for sustainability award

    Start of applications for German Sustainability Award - Hamburg presents creative ideas for protecting resources and climate