• Storing renewable energy in stones

    Series on wind energy (6): Pilot project in Hamburg highlights volcanic rock’s ability to store electricity
  • Wind and electricity make for environment-friendly hydrogen

    The German government is focusing on ecologically-produced hydrogen to lower emissions as part of its corona economic stimulus package. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region is now playing a key role in the emerging hydrogen era.

    Environment-friendly to save climate 

    The German government is...

  • Wind turbine cars setting record speeds

    NEW SERIES ON WIND ENERGY (3): Aerolus Race pits engineers with self-built headwind cars against each other
  • Seaborne freighters - wind for cleaner ocean transport?

    Hamburg’s towing kite demonstrates environment-friendly wind drives for ships
  • Fascinating potential of wind power goes beyond traditional uses

    NEW SERIES ON WIND ENERGY (1): Guest author Daniel Hautmann presents stunning use cases
  • Airborne wind turbines - the future of electricity generation?

    Airborne wind turbines, some of which are 300 metres in height, may yet become more common in future. The higher velocity and persistence of wind at high altitudes means turbines become stronger the more evenly the wind blows.

    Airborne wind turbines for more energy

    Wind turbines are mounted as...