• NWX 22 to celebrate corporate culture in Elbphilharmonie

    Does everything boil down to corporate culture? Tickets for NWX Festival on June 20, 2022 go on sale
  • Digitalisation - a curse or blessing for corporate culture

    Data now great commodity, but of little use without skilled workforce - lessons from Idea Lab 2022 at New Work SE
  • PHNX combines co-living and working plus a tree per room

    SERIES (2): Hamburg's unusual hotels: hybrid property in Harburg offers mix of micro apartment, hotel service, co-working area and community offers
  • Women keen on flexible working, Xing study finds

    Companies must respond better to women’s needs to attract female staff
  • Corporate culture more important for employees, Xing survey finds

    Job changers value leadership, work-life balance and activities - salary less important
  • Xing study reveals employees top three wishes for 2022

    Sheds light on emerging work trends
  • Otto to rely on hybrid training in future

    Apprentices at the Hamburg-based ecommerce company will be introduced to their future jobs through a mix of presence and mobility
  • Science City: New Work Campus for Hamburg Bahrenfeld

    New FischerAppelt headquarters to become flagship of west Hamburg - emphasis on hybrid working and makerspaces
  • Reinventing co-working spaces in wake of pandemic

    Working life in Germany is barely imaginable without co-working spaces since their emergence in 2009. Hamburg is now home to over 100 such spaces where the emphasis is on working together. Co-working has long since become a way of life especially for many self-employed, freelancers and start-ups...

  • Six theses on future of work

    Exciting lessons from the leading German-language conference on New Work from diversity to magic leadership