• Otto to rely on hybrid training in future

    Apprentices at the Hamburg-based ecommerce company will be introduced to their future jobs through a mix of presence and mobility
  • Science City: New Work Campus for Hamburg Bahrenfeld

    New FischerAppelt headquarters to become flagship of west Hamburg - emphasis on hybrid working and makerspaces
  • Reinventing co-working spaces in wake of pandemic

    Working life in Germany is barely imaginable without co-working spaces since their emergence in 2009. Hamburg is now home to over 100 such spaces where the emphasis is on working together. Co-working has long since become a way of life especially for many self-employed, freelancers and start-ups...

  • Six theses on future of work

    Exciting lessons from the leading German-language conference on New Work from diversity to magic leadership
  • Xing surveys corporate culture amid pandemic

    Xing's "Corona Barometer" gauges mood on labour market - feel-good managers in demand
  • NWX 2021 in Elbphilharmonie - is "New Work" the new normal?

    Xing conference to go live from the Elbphilharmonie with keynotes and masterclasses
  • Employees not as relaxed despite remote work, Xing survey finds

    2020 more strenuous and tougher - demand for hybrid office solutions and new management style
  • Work-life balance, eagerness to return to office crucial, Xing finds

    The corona pandemic has dealt a radical blow to the world of work in a short space of time. Issues such as home office, flexible working hours and a better work-life balance shape everyday life, according to the "New Work Corona Barometer" survey by the Xing career network in Hamburg. Around 2,200...

  • Mood improving, far-reaching changes expected, Xing study finds

    More than 62 per cent of Xing’s members surveyed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in June have expressed optimism about the future and were "positive" or "very positive" – an increase of 10 per cent over May. The Hamburg-based Xing career network gauges the mood on the labour market regularly...

  • Five New Work trends

    "New work is more important than ever," according to Nick Sohnemann, CEO of Future Candy, at the start of the webinar on New Work Culture broadcast live from the company's headquarters in Hamburg-Hammerbrook. The time has come for companies to take a stand on the new working world i.e. home offices...