• Hochbahn and ZF Friedrichshafen to boost driverless public transport

    Driverless transport systems to slowly merge with local transport in Hamburg
  • EUR 9 million in government funds for Hamburg-Lüneburg cycle path

    Funds to benefit Wilhelmsburg stretch and to make cycling more attractive
  • Bicycles preferred means of transport in Hamburg

    Pandemic driving shift as use of bikes soars - car use plunges
  • Hamburg's city centre vibrant despite booming online trade

    Plenty of offers for fans of electric cars - three providers in walking distance
  • New study on cargo bikes for last-mile logistics in Hamburg

    Suitable cargo bike infrastructure highlighted
  • New hub to drive mobility transition in Hamburg

    Plans for Hochbahn's bus depot on Elbe island presented
  • North German states form alliance to expand railways

    More than EUR 30 billion in rail infrastructure by 2030
  • Forward-looking emoin project clocks up mileage in Bergedorf

    Field tests of autonomous on-demand transport part of Reallabor Hamburg
  • EUR 2.5 million for Hamburg's EDDY project on dynamic map data

    BVMI funding research into community and public map data - alternative to large navigation providers?
  • Hochbahn draws positive balance of driverless HEAT minibus

    Last test runs with passengers in HafenCity end