• Hamburg to boost medical innovations

    Fegebank and Westhagemann continue inovation tour - focus on links between science and business
  • Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein forge closer co-operation

    Keener focus on energy transition, transport and digitalisation - north German states to come up with joint solutions
  • Research in Hamburg driving energy transition

    Visit to Bergedorf Energy Campus - last stop on summer innovation tour
  • DESY driving co-operation between science and industry

    Third stop on Innovation Summer Tour - DESY and Science City Bahrenfeld boosting Hamburg's innovative strength
  • TU Hamburg driving even more innovations

    Fegebank and Westhagemann visit TUHH as part of summer tour - glimpses of vaccine production in future
  • Senators Fegebank and Westhagemann visit "Hamburg of Tomorrow"

    Summer tour focuses on new Regional Innovation Strategy - first stop at NXP and Center for Optical Quantum Technologies
  • "Future Hamburg Talk" meets... Jan Rispens

    Cluster now includes green hydrogen, the energy carrier of the future. Rispens outlines upcoming steps
  • Future Hamburg Talk: Infrastructure for green hydrogen

    Michael Dammann, Gasnetz Hamburg, and Bert Kiewiet, Gasunie, discuss conversion of Hamburg's gas network to hydrogen
  • Hamburg funding social innovation projects

    New IFB Hamburg funding scheme focusing on solutions to social issues
  • Future Hamburg Talk: Hydrogen production and its industrial use

    Dr. Oliver Weinmann, Vattenfall, Christian Heine, Wärme Hamburg, and Dr. Uwe Braun (ArcelorMittal) outline conditions for hydrogen market