• Pandemic prompting more creativity and generosity in Hamburg

    Playbook "Urban Creativity Now" presents best practices for post-pandemic cities
  • CityScienceLab Hamburg shows how urban data makes cities smarter

    Cities are Big Data producers, according to Hamburg's Prof. Dr. Gesa Ziemer, a designer of data-based future scenarios for urban development in City Science Lab
  • Record number of female applicants for proTechnicale gap year

    Scheme to increase share of women in STEM degree courses
  • Chamber of Commerce presents plans for downtown Hamburg

    Scientific centres, floating beach clubs and air taxis among ideas to ensure city's competitiveness
  • Waterborne and airborne drones now in Hamburg - EU's model region

    Tricopters, quadcopters and hexacopter offering wide-ranging options
  • Multi-faceted, downtown Hamburg now conceivable, says expert

    City centre holds far more potential - not merely as consumer space, says Hamburg's Gesa Ziemer
  • Applications for Innovation in Digital Equality Award (IDEA) underway

    Prizes to be presented in two categories after great launch in 2019 - focus ideas for equality in digital space will