• Highest amount of companies set up in Hamburg since 2008

    More than 5,000 start-ups in 2021 - women keen on starting a business
  • IFB Hamburg funding website for breast cancer patients

    "Calling all breast cancer patients: Go online," urges Prof. Dr. Pia Wülfing, founder of Pink!
  • "Stealth Mode" incubator shines spotlight on female founders

    Three women from Hamburg now in mentoring programme for early-stage entrepreneurs - scheme underway in both Berlin and Hamburg
  • Winners of Hamburg's Founder Prize announced

    Haspa and Hamburger Abendblatt present award for start-ups, up-and-comers and lifetime achievement
  • Factory Hammerbrooklyn seeks early-stage tech start-ups

    Three-month "Stealth Mode" mentorship for women launches - apply by deadline on September 12
  • beyourpilot launches "Open House" to boost networking

    Scheme fosters talks between young entrepreneurs in science
  • Cross-border music building bridges in pandemic

    Series (4): Evelyn Sieber, Reeperbahn Festival International, reveals how culture AND international exchange work despite pandemic
  • AI comes to the rescue in corona era

    Series: (3) NECT’s robo-ident proves its worth - unemployed and self-employed survive dire financial straits
  • Hackers now working towards IT security

    Series (2): Philipp Kalweit, white hat hacker, confronts cyber criminals deploying viruses during pandemic
  • Hamburg's brave movers and shakers navigate pandemic successfully

    Series on coronavirus as an ideas accelerator. Part 1: How film producer Jannis Riebschläger jumped on a counter trend