• Environment-friendly heat for Hamburg's new suburb Oberbillwerder

    Plans foresee wastewater heat recovery, biomethane boiler and power-to-heat plant in district
  • Flexhafen project examines how to charge e-cars intelligently

    Growing demand for more economical and eco efficient energy systems
  • Cluster Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg announces new strategy

    "Cluster Strategy 2025" to include hydrogen - metropolitan region a model for energy transition
  • Drilling underway in Wilhelmsburg to extract geothermal energy

    Climate-friendly energy using hot, underground thermal water - part of IW3 real laboratory
  • Hamburg to generate heat from waste

    North German Reallabor - "Extended Heat Utilisation" project presented - Borsigstrasse waste plant to save over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 p.a.
  • EEHH Cluster presents German Renewables Awards

    EEHH Cluster presents German Renewables Award - record wind turbines and hydrogen innovations
  • Build of power-to-heat plant starts in Wedel

    Plant to convert surplus wind power to heat and supply 27,000 households from late 2022
  • North Germany's first "Closed Carbon Loop“ facility opens

    New HAW Hamburg plant to extract carbon dioxide from ambient air for climate-neutral processing
  • Green hydrogen sector planned in Moorburg

    Next step towards energy transition involves taking power plant off grid - world's most powerful electrolysis plant planned on site
  • EnergyNest secures record EUR 110 million investment

    Milestone in heat storage market driving energy transition