• Otto Group announces over 20 per cent growth in e-commerce

    Hamburg-based group presents initial strong results for 2020/21 fiscal year
  • About You aiming for ranks of Europe's biggest second-hand retailers

    Hamburg-based start-up jumps on recommerce trend to prolong life cycle of clothes
  • Otto Group driving digitalisation forward

    Dr. Hanna Huber, Group Vice President Technology Strategy and Governance at Otto talks to Hamburg News about the race for technology, artificial intelligence and digital lunches
  • Otto announces plans to become platform and payment company

    The Hamburg-based Otto GmbH & Co KG has announced plans to become a connected company, according to a press release issued on Tuesday (September 1, 2020). The e-commerce company plans to merge stationary and offline trading and go from online retailer to platform. Otto also plans to set up its own...

  • Otto Group focusing on technological innovations

    The Otto Group will close the 2019/2020 fiscal year ending February 29, 2020 with global online revenues of around EUR 8.1 billion over EUR 7.7 billion in the 2018/2019 fiscal year, according to preliminary forecasts. The retail and services group generated revenues of approximately EUR 5.6 billion...

  • Hamburg's Kale&Me to launch on European markets

    “Pamela Pine”, “Rosy Roots” and “Catie Carrot” are just some of the fruit juices created by the Hamburg-based start-up Kale&Me. Now, the start-up is expanding to Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands after establishing their popular, cold-pressed juices on the German and Austrian markets...