• Hamburg to become flagship for AI start-ups

    German government earmarks EUR 3.8 million for "AI.Startup.Hub Hamburg"
  • Dr Tereza Iofciu gives insight into teaching AI technology

    SERIES (5): "Female AI - four questions to women in AI" - interview with Dr Tereza Iofciu, Head Coach Data Science at Neue Fische
  • Artificial Intelligence bridging gap between Germany and U.S.

    Petra Vorsteher, joint founder of AI.HAMBURG and AI.FUND, launches artificial intelligence initiative - preview of AI Summit on December 1, 2021
  • Gender diversity crucial to artificial intelligence sector

    SERIES (4): "Female AI – four questions to women in AI." Interviewee: Dr.-Ing. Susan Wegner VP AI & Data Analytics at Lufthansa Industry Solutions
  • Hamburg's Mindpeak using AI to diagnose cancer

    Mindpeak developing AI to identify and characterize cancer cells - start-up going international after CE approval
  • North German states planning artificial intelligence consulting centre

    EUR 5.5 million from German government for "Regional Future Centre North" - first point of contact for SMEs on AI issues
  • AI summit sheds light on digital future

    Use cases and insights into AI in Hamburg
  • fAIstival.hamburg brings artificial intelligence to life

    AI players from business and the academic world will be presenting the fascinating world of artificial intelligence during an event week between August 24 and 28
  • How startup cofounder Lena Weirauch is conquering the AI sector

    Part 3 of the series “Female AI – four questions for women in AI”. Today: Lena Weirauch, cofounder of the ai-omatic startup
  • Artificial intelligence: Women gaining ground in key technology

    Series (2): "Female AI - four questions for women in AI" - Franziska Wittleder