New operators of Hamburg's TV tower outline plans

Revival to transform Heinrich Hertz Tower into visitor magnet
05 June 2020

Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH is preparing to take over management of Hamburg's television tower in partnership with Ramp 106 GmbH, headed by Philipp Westermeyer, Manager of the "Online Marketing Rockstars" (OMR) festival and Tomislav Karajica, Manager of Home United Management GmbH, the trio announced Wednesday (June 3, 2020). All three are based near Hamburg's highest building. Their plans foresee the formation of a joint company to transform the Heinrich Hertz Tower into a tourist magnet. The revival of the landmark, which has lain dormant for many years, can potentially benefit both the people of Hamburg and visitors to the city, the trio stressed. Apart from commissioning the viewing platform for public use, the multi-use of the tower for diverse purposes and target groups is a top priority, the new operators noted.

OMR - open for ideas

Westermeyer remarked: "We are very proud to be a part of this project and to work with our two partners to bring the TV tower to new life. Our approach will make the tower open to a wide variety of ideas and interested parties and we will input our own ideas on content.  It will certainly help that we have built up a highly perceived and well-attended major event with the OMR festival in recent years with links to the business world, SMEs, culture and art." His sentiments were echoed by Karajica, who commented: "As a young man from Hamburg, it is a great honour for me personally to help bring a landmark in our city back to life. As part of this constellation, Home United's task could hardly be more appropriate. Our focus is on developing innovative concepts for the use of very special buildings." 

Mix of analogue and digital world

Aufderheide noted: "We channel the content from local and national partners into the infrastructure, which consists not only of developed areas, but includes digital elements as well as an idea for the platform, i.e. generating coverage and telling stories from within ongoing operations. Our joint venture partners Hamburg Messe und Congress (HMC) and OMR are creating an excellent starting point for new and exciting agendas and giving the TV tower a wide range of uses as well as creating a link between the analogue and digital worlds at this special location in Hamburg. As Hanseatic companies and direct neighbours of the TV tower, we wish to turn our city's great landmark into a magnet for the people of Hamburg, their guests as well as event organisers and tourists."