Hamburg's India Week to boost bilateral economic relations

Over 70 events from November 8-14 - Hamburg-India links strengthened despite pandemic
08 November 2021
Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce

The ninth India Week gets underway Monday (November 8-14, 2021) in Hamburg with over 70 events to strengthen bilateral relations. India Week will start with the "Hamburg-India Business Day" at the Chamber of Commerce with emphasis on India's post-pandemic revamp and the impact of its economic policies on bilateral ties.

Spotlight on India's diversity

Exhibitions, plays, films, music, dance and yoga will highlight India's cultural diversity, the senate said. Around 5,400 Indian nationals live in Hamburg. "More and more Indian professionals are coming to work as engineers or software developers here in Hamburg," said Almut Möller, State Councilor, adding. "They meet a community that actively cultivates Indian culture."

Promoting economic relations

Hamburg has had a branch office in Mumbai for 10 years now. Amita Desai was appointed HamburgAmbassador to Hyderabad in 2012. Hamburg Invest has stepped up its efforts for more targeted approaches to companies in South Asia and will host the Hamburg India Business Day and the Hanseatic India Colloquium on November 12, 2021. After India Week, the Indo-German Startup Stories on November 16, 2021 will show how German and Indian founders co-operate and the impact of sponsors on the success of start-ups. The event targets students, funders and stakeholders with an interest in the Indo-German start-up ecosystem.

Stronger links despite pandemic

Hamburg and India have forged even closer co-operation and their links continue to grow despite the pandemic, said John H. Ruolngul, the Indian Consul General in Hamburg. This was echoed by Möller, who noted: "India is becoming increasingly important in the Asia-Pacific region and more significant for Hamburg as a partner. The Indian market is growing and has provided many important impulses especially in the IT and start-up sectors for a long time."

Around 450 Hamburg-based companies do business with India while 60 Indian companies have branches in the Hanseatic city. They include Tata Consultancy Services Deutschland GmbH, Gujarat Fluorochemicals GmbH (part of the INOX Group), L&T Technologies Services, Fermenta Biotech, Thrymr Software GmbH and TKM Global GmbH. Start-ups such as Neewee, Foviatech, Solverminds Solutions & Technologies and MyBunkers also have branches in Hamburg.