Countdown to Hamburg's Beer Weekend now on

Over 20 breweries, stores and restaurateurs to hold first beer weekend from August 27-30
24 August 2020
Hamburg Beer Weekend 2020

More than 20 breweries, restaurateurs and stores are holding all kinds of events including brewing courses, and featuring hoptails i.e. cocktails with beer, as well as tastings during the first Hamburg Beer Weekend (#HHBW) from August 27-30, 2020. Hamburg is considered one of Germany’s largest centres of creative beer culture. This is due in no small part to its over 1,000 year history as a centre of brewing. During the 14th century, Hamburg was known as the Hanseatic League’s seat of brewing. And in 1540, the city was home to well over 500 breweries. 

One weekend, over 20 venues and over 300 beers 

To comply with corona-induced hygiene regulations, those interested must register in advance for some of the events. Representatives of Hamburg's 12 leading breweries will present their fares during a two-hour Brewers Boat Cruise to Wilhelmsburg to kick off events on Thursday (27 August). This will be followed by the Bunthaus Schrankraum's blind beer tasting on Friday while the Überquell will host a fun "beer" talk. On Saturday and Sunday (29-30 August), the Baby-Goat crew will present their beers in their recently opened Brewpub in the Grindelviertel while the Taugenichts Bar will give course in brewing.

Collective of brewers, stores and gastronomes

Initiated by Jens Hinrichs (Bunthaus Brauerei), Udo Spallek (Emilienbier), Brian Schlede (Brew Craft,  Daniel Hertrich and Axel Ohm (Überquell Brauerei), the Hamburg Beer Weekend's is partnered by Hamburg Tourismus, Brew Craft, Yakima Chief Hops, Rastal and Durst Malz.