State comparison shows firms in Hamburg vaccinating most

Over 111,500 vaccinations done by company doctors across Hamburg
31 August 2021
Coronavirus vaccination

The involvement of company doctors in the vaccination campaign across Hamburg has proven parrticularly successful compared to other German states, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said Thursday (August 26, 2021). More vaccinations have been carried out in Hamburg's companies proportionate to the population than in any other federal state, the RKI weekly report noted. Around every thirtieth vaccination in Hamburg was due to company vaccination schemes.

Business community with strong commitment

"A very strong impetus for the vaccination campaigns came from Hamburg's business community," said Dr. Clara Schlaich, Chair of the Association of German Company and Works Doctors (VDBW). "Many companies and their in-house doctors set up flexible and pragmatic vaccination offers at short notice and were very well received by employees." Employees in many Hanseatic companies received vaccination offers from corporate vaccination centres, inter-company medical practices and mobile vaccination teams, according to the Chamber of Commerce. Most companies had largely completed their vaccination campaigns by late August.

Businesses prepared for possible booster vaccinations

Businesses in Hamburg are also prepared for possible booster vaccinations, said the Chamber of Commerce, which opened its own vaccination centre for SMEs in early June. "Hamburg's business community will continue its commitment in the event of booster vaccinations," said Malte Heyne, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. "Then, it is crucial that enough vaccine is available immediately for company doctors so that those vaccinations can take full effect."