Special Chamber of Commerce website on Russia-Ukraine war impact

Website outlines options and economic impact - task force in place
10 March 2022
Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce has set up a website with information on the latest developments in the Russia-Ukraine war and its impact on business. Companies can find an overview of the measures now in place, customs information, aid deliveries and donation campaigns for Ukraine. This comes after the EU, the U.S. and Britain imposed tough sanctions on Russia for invading and attacking Ukraine. 

Task force set up

A task force will offer companies advice about the latest developments, their impact on commerce in Hamburg and for those who wish to talk to politicians and to co-ordinate offers of humanitarian aid. Companies can contact the task force on the hotline 040 36138 5000 or by sending an email to krise@hk24.de. For companies planning a campaign in support of Ukraine (#wirtschafthilft), the email address is wirtschafthilft@hk24.de.