Gasnetz Hamburg wins "Hamburg's Best Employer" award

Satisfied employees and IT applicants - Gasnetz Hamburg tops two employer rankings
14 January 2021
Gasnetz Hamburg's employees

Gasnetz Hamburg GmbH has won the "Hamburg's Best Employers" award presented by the Roos Consult management consultancy and the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, a press release said Monday (January 11, 2021). The company has also been named "Top Employer for IT Jobs 2021" by Chip computer magazine. 

Over 80 new employees in 2020

Commenting on the awards, Svenja Bonnichsen, HR Manager at Gasnetz Hamburg, said: "Our performance in both awards makes us proud, but we are not sitting on our laurels. We evaluate all the findings gained in the reviews and use them for further improvements." That is only way to survive in an applicant market shaped increasingly by demographic change. Gasnetz Hamburg hired 81 new employees including trained specialists, apprentices, student trainees and interns last year.

Focus on employee surveys and application procedures

The "Hamburg's Best Employer" award is based on employee surveys developed by Roos Consult with Helmut Schmidt University. Similar to 2019, around half of Gasnetz Hamburg's 600-plus employees took part in the anonymous survey in 2020, in which criteria such as satisfaction and corporate culture were queried. Hermes Germany GmbH, the Hotel Grand Elysée and Block Bräu GmbH won "five stars".

Chip's award is based on an analysis of the application procedures and the recruitment of IT specialists. The Berlin-based Globis Consulting used test applications to examine whether applicants received correct and comprehensive answers to their questions. However, less than a third of the 2,800 participating companies met the required criteria, according to Chip.