First company in Hamburg opens organic canteen

Allianz Trade's restaurant now offering only organically grown food - city offering consulting services to encourage conversions
23 June 2022

The Allianz Trade credit insurance group became Thursday (June 16, 2022) the first Hamburg-based company to offer only organically-grown food in its staff restaurant. The organic canteen, which prepares an average of 500 meals a day, was opened by Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment. Allianz Trade also delivers up to 1,200 free meals to the Bonnepark playground in Altona. Most of the food stems from suppliers in the Hamburg region and is certified to EU organic and Bioland Gold standards. The conversion to organic comes after a majority of Allianz Trade's employees had voted for the switch as part of an internal survey.

Conversion took six months

"'Organic' fits perfectly with the zeitgeist of conscious, sustainable nutrition and makes you feel good," said Andreas Oellerich, Managing Director of Apetito Catering, which operates the canteen. The switch to a brand new network of organic-only suppliers took about six months, he said. Milo Bogaerts, CEO of Allianz Trade commented: "I am very proud of the fact that we have now joined forces to launch and implement this lighthouse project and help Hamburg become an organic city,"

City to help firms with switch  

The Hamburg.Bio association helped Allianz Trade convert the restaurant to organic canteen. The trade association of organically-certified production, processing and trading companies consists of 17 companies in Hamburg at present. The association is backed by Hamburg's Ministry for the Environment and assists firms with purchasing, offers product consulting, pricing and using organic products in kitchens. Kerstan stressed: "As a city, we're here to offer advice and to identify targeted sales opportunities for organically-produced products." In reference to the ecological footprint of agriculture in Hamburg, it was important for organic farmers to find local markets for their food, he added.


Opening of Allianz Trade's organic-only canteen
Milo Bogaerts, CEO of Allianz Trade CEO (l) and Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment open organic canteen