Firms in Hamburg back 3G rules in workplace

Chamber of Commerce snap poll's finds three of four companies support 3G rule
23 November 2021
Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce

A majority of companies in Hamburg have come out in favour of 3G rules in the workplace in the fight against COVID-19, a snap survey by the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg has found. Three out of four companies surveyed supported 3G regulations while only 22 per cent criticised the measures, a press release said Monday (November 22, 2021). (Around 405 companies were surveyed.) Under the 3G regulation passed by the German Bundestag, only the fully-vaccinated and those who have recovered from coronavirus or have tested negative can enter offices, workshops and other workplaces. Employers are mandated to check and document the corresponding evidence.

Increased vaccination rate and workplace safety

Those in favour of the measures cited better on-site protection for all employees (89 per cent) and hopes for higher vaccination rates (49 per cent) as reasons, according to the Chamber of Commerce. Around 16 per cent of companies came out in favour of 2G regulations under which only the fully vaccinated and recovered would be admitted, it said. "The high level of support for 3G measures shows that Hamburg's business community is willing to take great responsibility in this crisis," said Malte Heyne, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. "But there are also concerns about checking vaccination, recovery and testing records and the increased documentation."

Politicians must create ways of including the measures in daily work unbureaucratically, Heyne added. More than half of respondents fear costly checks of vaccination, convalescence and test certificates. Respondents cited increased pressure on the unvaccinated as well as possible unrest between vaccinated and unvaccinated employees as reasons not to introduce the 3G regulation.